SIREH Park is not just a green haven but a community-driven initiative. We believe in the power of nature to create thriving communities, sustainable living, and a healthy future.

Our goal is to plant 25,000 trees of forest species in line with our commitment and pledge to planet Earth.

By achieving the target, we expect to sequester around 300,000 kg of carbon dioxide each year, contributing to a greener and healthier planet, and providing us with shade for generations to cherish.

Join Us in Growing a Sustainable Future

Trees play an essential role in maintaining our planet’s well-being and part and are an integral part of our natural environment. The significance of trees in our lives is beautifully depicted by our need to create protected areas where they can be admired. Trees are not only culturally and religiously significant, but they also provide spiritual enlightenment and healing. They also have the power to support communities, improve lives, and restore the planet.

We invite individuals with a green heart to actively contribute to the growth of the park. With a donation as low as RM200 you can give life to a tree and become a contributor to our “Plant That Tree” Program. With a focus on planting native and forest species, your contribution will also support the preservation of biodiversity and maintain ecological balance.

Join us in growing a sustainable future to transform lives and landscapes by expressing your interest through the online form, and our dedicated team will contact you to coordinate the rest. Each tree planted has tree information and geographical location that will be recorded in an application named GeoTrees, making your contribution a legacy that serves future generations.

Plant That Tree” is more than just a campaign, it is a representation of our collective commitment and pledge to nature and future generations.

Ventus Package

  • > 1.0m tree sapling height
  • Regular maintenance schedule as other trees in the park
  • A signage with the donor’s name will be provided
  • 1 year warranty with one-time replacement

RM 200.00


Plant Your Tree Now!

Begin your journey with our Plant That Tree Program! Kindly leave a message, and our dedicated team will reach out to you shortly.

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SIREH Park is operated by a non-profit organization, hence our park growth, development and operations depend highly on your donations. Please take a moment to donate and ensure that our children will have a sustainable future.

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